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Fidogear was started in a small sewing room approximately 20 years ago, when owner Jean Ziegler retired from her “Day Job” at 60 years young.   At which time, a friend of Jeans approached her with a common problem; her dog team had ill-fitting “once-size fits most” x-back harnesses.  Jean worked diligently with her friend to fit her team of dogs with beautifully hand-crafted harnesses that fit each dog like a glove.  Through those harnesses came many more wonderful customized products & inventions; all designed around the comfort and durability for those dog enthusiast we love so well.

Dustin & Tara Buel have been selling Fidogear products since 2004, when presented with the rare opportunity to own and run Fidogear they just had to jump at the chance.  After all.. Fidogear has such wonderful, quality products they just had to keep it going.

Fidogear is all about winning the respect of dog lovers and insuring they become loyal, happy and exceedingly satisfied customers for life.  What Fidogear customers say "about us" is what means the most.  Find a few samples below and to see more, just ask!

"Fantastic ... wow. Thank you. We'll continue to look to Fidogear for all our sighthound needs ... Do you guys have whippers or greyhounds and such? We've got two at the moment but are on our fourth over the years. Unfortunately, we didn't know about you guys for our first ... only our last three got to wear your collars. We've also got Riley, the border collie. He thinks he's a whippet, though. Our newest whippet is Jackson and he looks fabulous in his new collar ... Best to you. --Lane"

Dog Harness, Dog Cart

"I received the pack with the modifications we discussed last week. Its perfect!Thanks for your "extra" efforts. Dog and I appreciate them.   Thanks again,   Nancy"

"Wow what service, this is fantastic! Thanks so much! I will tell my friend (and Kokanee's breeder) to stop by and pick it up for me.

Can't wait to get her hitched up and rolling :)  Thanks again!   Regina"

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