SACCO Carting Harness (Pulka) - 1" ( 25 lbs & Over )

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This harness is designed to fit the SACCO Dog Cart, it is also known as a Pulka Harness. It includes padded neck and chest straps, adjustable chest cinch, Four attachment points, and also comes with a set of straps that aid in connecting to the SACCO Bar.

This harness can be used with the Sacco Cart, running dogs in a single file ("trapline style"), and other carts with shafts (may need additional straps). Although this harness can be used with other carts with shafts we highly recommend you look at our traditional Cart Harness on our Harnesses page before you make your selection. This harness DOES NOT come with Traces. If you are unsure as to which harness is best for you, please give us a call or email and we'll be glad to help you with your selection.

In order to achieve proper fit, we will need additional measurements of your dog. Print and Fill out the CM4 Form (see below), to assist you with the checkout process.

This Step by Step guide will help you in the measurement process. Once you have reviewed this Guide, please print out the Measurement Form below to fill in while measuring your pup.
This Form allows you to write your pups measurements as you measure. You'll need this to finish the order process.

Here's a Video to help:

Reflective Ribbon/Tape: (When applicable) The reflective ribbon/tape is the same 3M Brand reflective you find on high visibility clothing seen on your Fire & Rescue crews. We do not cover the whole harness with this ribbon, it is placed and sewn in key areas of the harness to increase visibility.

Regarding Traces: With the increased variety of carts available these days it will be best if you can supply us with the length of Traces you will need. Simply Measure from "Point M" (listed on Form) to where the Traces connect to the cart, supply that measurement in the "Traces Length" section below and we will send the appropriate Traces. This measurement does not have to be exact since the traces are adjustable. If you do not know the length of the Traces because you do not have your cart yet, simply tell us "you pick" and we'll pick the most popular length for your breed/size of dog. Keeping in mind that you may have to make adjustments to the carts Traces connections when you finally get it to make everything work cohesively.


We always suggest having a partner assist you while measuring your dog. The partner can distract your dog with treats/toys and keep their attention while you measure. Also, your dog must be standing straight and looking forward. This will keep your measurements consistent and accurate.

It is also a good idea to take your dogs measurements (3) separate times and then average those measurements to give you a good baseline. Feel free to call us for any additional pointers on measuring your pooch.

If you prefer to have us average your measurements for you, simply supply the measurements (in inches) to us inside each measurement field provided on this page when ordering. (I.E. 14, 15, 13.5)

When choosing your dogs webbing width it is always suggested that any dog over 30lbs should wear a 1" width webbing strap, this helps to spread the weight distribution over a larger area.

Need help putting the harness on the dog?  See the instructions below.


For a complete list of measurement forms, please go to our Guides page.

ATTENTION: Due to the increased popularity of our harnesses and the fact that they are "Made to order" (meaning: we get your measurements and we make it to fit your companion) we have had to extend our production times on all harnesses to 4-6 weeks. We appreciate your patience during this busy time and feel free to call us directly if you need a harness by a particular deadline. We'll do our best to accommodate your needs.


Here's a Video on how to install the SACCO Bar/Shaft Straps that come with this harness.


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