How can we help you?

Call & **Newly Enabled SMS Feature**

1-877-Fidogear (343-6432) - US & Canada

PO Box 847 
McKenna, WA 98558

If you are outside the US and Canada and need to talk with us via phone, try reaching us through this form or via Facebook Messenger.  Be sure to leave a phone number and best time (PST) to call you back.

HOURS: Monday - Friday : 9am - 5pm (PST)
CLOSED: All Federally Recognized Holidays & December 21th - January 4th

Now if we don't pick up the phone.

I know, I know, the horror.  Honestly, we're probably so distracted by the sparkly ribbon on these custom orders that we just don't hear the phone, or maybe Sadie has decided it's her Chuck-It time. Yea, it's probably the ribbon.  Whatever the reason, please, please be sure to leave a message. Trust us, we will call you back. Side Note: We've added a *NEW* SMS feature to our toll free number giving you yet another option of communication.

If inquiring about an order.

The more information you can give the faster we can respond.  Order number is most helpful. Second would be the Name of the person that actually made the purchase.