How to Measure your Dog

Here you will find a listing of Guides and Forms you will find throughout the site.

Are you ordering a product that requires custom measurements?

Look at the chart below to see if the product(s) you're ordering are listed. If so, you need to use the custom measurement form for your item to ensure proper fit. You will be asked to enter those measurements when you check out or send it to us by calling, email or faxing. Otherwise, we won't be able to process your order!


The download PDF link initiates the download of a document which will print a sharper document. To select where on your hard drive you want the file to go, right-click (multi-button mouse) or control-click (single-button mouse) the appropriate link.

Note: In order to use the PDF forms, you will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Guides vs. Forms explained...

Step-By-Step Guides: These guides are the step-by-step instructions on how to properly measure your dog.  They were designed to help make the measurement process easier by utilizing close-up photos of a dog and highlighting each point.

Forms: These forms are simply the actual piece of paper you will write your dogs measurement on as you measure.

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Flyball/Tracking/Treeline Trail/Walking Harness
Carting / SACCO Harness


Skijor/X-Back Harness