Urban Treeline Trail Harness - 1" ( 25 lbs & Over )

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Originally designed for the Scootering & Bikejoring communities, this Urban Mushing harness features:

  • Heavy-duty nylon webbing throughout
  • Thick fleece padding on all webbing
  • Two-Tone webbing construction
  • Webbing color that remains the same on all harnesses is the 2" wide Black Top and 2" wide Black bottom straps.

Bikejoring in Action

With this harness' growing popularity we are finding that it is working exceeding well across multiple sport platforms, including: Flyball, Tracking, Dog Scootering, Bikejoring, Urban mushing, Nosework, and many others.

Optional Features: Solid Neck or Adjustable Neck (Images shown are with Solid Neck)

The "Adjustable Neck" is only available for dogs that have a (A-B) measurement 10" or greater.

In order to achieve proper fit, we will need additional measurements of your dog. Print and Fill out the CM3 Form (see below), to assist you with the checkout process.

This Step by Step guide will help you in the measurement process. Once you have reviewed this Guide, please print out the Measurement Form below to fill in while measuring your pup.

This Form allows you to write your pups measurements as you measure. You'll need this to finish the order process.


We always suggest having a partner assist you while measuring your dog. The partner can distract your dog with treats/toys and keep their attention while you measure. Also, your dog must be standing straight and looking forward. This will keep your measurements consistent and accurate.

For a complete list of measurement forms, please go to our Guides page.

ATTENTION: Due to the increased popularity of our harnesses and the fact that they are "Made to order" (meaning: we get your measurements and we make it to fit your companion) we have had to extend our production times on all harnesses to 4-6 weeks. We appreciate your patience during this busy time and feel free to call us directly if you need a harness by a particular deadline. We'll do our best to accommodate your needs.

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