6ft Tow Rope - 1 Dog

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An absolute necessity when it comes to Bikejoring, Scooterjoring, and/or Urban mushing.

This rope consists of:

  • (1) 8mm polypropylene hollow-braid dog tug line rope that connects into (1) 8mm polypropylene hollow-braid rope with built-in shock line. Both ends of this rope have die cast bronze swivel snaps for easier connecting and disconnecting. Total Length = 6 feet

Also Included:

  • (1) Bike/Scooter Nylon Webbing Post Connector - BLACK ONLY - to aid in connecting your tow line to your rig. 

Can also be used for Canicross

This rope is NOT FOR SKIJORING it is too short! Skijoring requires a rope that is long enough to put your dog safely out in front of the skies. At least 8 feet. Check out our Skijoring & Canicross section for a longer rope.