Outback Pack

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This pack is the original pack ever to hit the market that was designed with a Saddle system.

Our heavy duty, top-of-the-line dog pack made with durable ballistic material for more protection in rough terrain against rocks and brush. Includes a unique separate padded canvas saddle system which allows for easy removal of the pack when breaking for lunch. We've also included Reflective striping for added visibility.

IMPORTANT: Measure from dogs withers (back of neck between shoulder blades)down to his elbow. Pack depth should be 1" to 1.5" shorter than your measurement. Measure girth to ensure cinch is long enough. (Custom length straps can easily be added - Just make a note in the Notes section)

IF YOU WANT US TO ADD YOUR PATCHES: Simply choose "yes" under the "add your patches", then mail them to our mailing address, located on our "Contact Us" page or in the "Footer" below.

ADD A HANDLE: If needed we can add a handle to the saddle that has a quick release buckle at one end for easy pack removal.

Size Small Medium Large
Dog's Girth up to 35" up to 40" up to 45"
Pack Depth 5" 7" 9"
Pack Length 9" 12" 14"


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