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Our Seasonal Panties / Fancy Pants have been known to out perform the competition... paws down!

For your female dog during "that time of year" or with incontinence. There is even room for an absorbent pad. Made with your choice of "in stock" cotton prints and fully lined with black cotton.

All our cotton fabrics are pre-soaked in vinegar for 1 hour then pre-washed in that vinegar solution (no detergent is used) to ensure color fastness.

If desired, specify 'no tail hole' when you order.

Breeds listed are an example dog size.

Below is a rough breakdown on "waist size" and tail hole distance from waist. Each panty has elastic within the legs giving them adjust-ability, very similar to children diapers.

Tiny: 10" to 13" Waist, 3” waist to tail hole
X-Small (Chihuahua): 13" to 17" Waist, 4.25" waist to tail hole
Small (Fox Terrier): 13.5" to 18" Waist, 5” waist to tail hole
Petite (Beagle): 15.5" to 19.5" Waist, 6” waist to tail hole
Petite Corgi: 15.5" to 19.5" Waist, 8” waist to tail hole (this tail hole measurement is given for reference only, this panty is produced without a tail hole)
Medium (Spr. Spaniel): 21.75" to 25.75" Waist, 7" waist to tail hole
Large (Lab): 22" to 26" Waist, 8.5" waist to tail
X-Large (Great Dane): 21.75" to 25" Waist, 12" from waist to tail
XX-Large (Mastiff): 30.25" to 34.5" Waist, 12" waist to tail

Please note: The above measurements are given as a guide to assist you in the sizing process, the tail hole location is a rough approximation. If you are concerned about these measurements order the next size up and supply us with the "waist" measurement and "tail hole" distance from waist and we will choose the correct size for you or make you a custom panty.

Within the image carousel is an image showing "Waist" and "Waist to Tail" measurements It is also recommended that you give us a "Tail Width/Thickness" measurement (place in notes section) to ensure the tail hole will be large enough. If your dog is a mixed breed and has "long hair" please note that as well. Dogs with longer hair will need a slightly larger tail hole to get those long haired tails through. :)

Current Cotton Prints Available Be sure to specify the cotton choice you prefer.

ATTENTION: Due to the increased popularity of our products and the fact that they are "Made to order" (meaning: we get your measurements, color choices and we make it to fit your companion) we have had to extend our production times on all panties to 4-6 weeks. We appreciate your patience during this busy time and feel free to call us directly if you need an order by a particular deadline. We'll do our best to accommodate your needs.

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Customer Reviews

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