a rogue adventure -

A ROGUE Adventure

I love my job. To wake up every morning knowing the days activities will include designing, sewing and well simply put, manufacturing rugged dog gear is truly a dream job come true! For me the fun comes with designing and modifying gear for specific dogs that need something “a little more custom.”

Enter… …Rogue, a not quite 2 year old run of the mill “spunky, in your face, what'cha do'n, soft hearted” Black Labrador, owned by Leslie Perry's daughter, Desi. Leslie called me one day detailing a horrible accident involving Rogue. Apparently this guy had the notion to attempt flight, and failed.  Fits his name beautifully, don't ya think?

Rogue was on the 2nd story of their home and either jumped or fell out the window, landing squarely on his two front feet. He was rushed to Summit Vets, where he received the utmost care by loving capable hands. Thank goodness nothing was broken!  He does have 2 casts on his front legs now, which after a few days DOES NOT slow him down. And this is where Fidogear comes in.

Rogue needed a harness the Perry family could grab hold of when need be to help calm his “vibrating spastic energy” during the recovery process.  Too much to ask? Ok, well maybe just briefly contain it.  This harness needed to support him for light lifting and lowering as well as have dual purpose as a walking harness and later on as a “chest protector” when he fully recovered.

Dustin and I designed this “Chest Protector Hybrid” with 1000 denier Cordura and Heavy Nylon webbing. All straps are adjustable just in case Rogue hasn’t finished growing. We’re exceptionally proud of the top handle section, when not in use the handle rocks forward keeping it from flopping onto his back. I know, your thinking, “Man, these people are Dog Gear Geek!”  Like we said, we love our jobs!

And just so you know, Rogue is recovering beautifully.

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