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Canine Cart Harness

For competition and pleasure, 2 or 4-wheeled carts are pulled by dogs of many breeds -- from small Norwich Terriers, to large St. Bernards. A good website with information about carting is Berners are one of the many kinds of dogs that enjoy carting. For seminars and more info, you can write to Lisa Ebnet.

Carting is a dog sport or activity in which a dog (usually a large breed) pulls a Dogcart filled with supplies, such as farm goods or firewood, but sometimes pulling people. Carting as a sport is also known as dryland mushing and is practiced all around the world, often to keep winter sled dogs in competition form during the off-season. (Note that the term "dogcart" is primarily used to mean a particular type of light horse-drawn vehicle.)

Includes padded neck and chest straps. Also comes with adjustable traces. For use when pulling wheeled carts.

Padded Carting Harness - Large Dog Harnesses

Dog Cart Harness

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