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Harnesses Simplified

Lucy Treeline Trail HarnessHarnesses have come a long way from their distant historical cousins. The color, style and size selection available today can leave little Fido feeling a little light headed.  Fear not my furry friend; we hope to help make your selection process a little less daunting.

Don't be fooled by cheap flashy imitations!  Padded Walking HarnessInferior products can be uncomfortable and lead to sores.  Insist on quality made harnesses that not only look good, they feel good too!  Did you know the best style of harness for you truly depends on what you are using it for?  Are you a proud, let's just strut around the neighborhood kind of pup?  If so, a nice walking harness can do the trick just fine.  You can even add upgrades like: padding for extra comfort, a double buckle for faster on/off, and don't forget the bling with some high quality jacquard ribbon!

Maybe you are a spastic, wall bouncing, chew on anything Fido who is in desperate need of an energy draining job, umm… I mean sport.  There are many pulling/freight sport choices to choose from: Carting, Skijoring, Bikejoring, Scooterjoring, Mushing, or Weight pulling.  Tail not wag'n yet?  Then try your paws at Flyball? No? How about a nose workout with Tracking?  Whatever your “job” choice, with a beautiful hand-crafted custom fit harness you'll feel like you were meant for the job.

Feel free to call our harness specialists at 1.877.Fidogear with any questions on proper fit or harness selection. Remember, if we measure you, we guarantee the fit.