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Pack'n with Pups


packing with your dogAs the weather gets warmer we start to adventure more outside with our loyal furry companions. With this in mind, we have many customers asking us about packing with their pups. Here are the most popular questions:

How old does my dog need to be? We recommend your pup be no younger than 2 yrs of age. This helps ensure your dog is fully mature both mentally and physically. You can still purchase a pack while they are younger, and allow them to wear it, but only place soft bulky items like towels in the pannier bags.

How much weight can my dog carry safely? Some sources say 25% of the dogs body weight, this is NOT recommended for your average pet dog. Those dogs are typically well conditioned, are competing and/or are breeds specifically bred for freight work. We suggest 10-12% (i.e. 60lb dog = 6 - 7.2lbs total weight including the pack) of your dogs body weight can be carried safely on their back and be sure to work up to this weight slowly.

What type of pack should I buy and how important is the fit? The pack you buy truly depends on how you and your dog use it. If walking the neighborhood to give crazy-energetic fido a workout is all you need, then our Cascade Pack works beautifully. If however, you plan on hiking or camping throughout the year, we highly recommend upgrading to the Outback Pack (pictured left). It is specifically designed for rugged use and has lots of great features including a saddle system with 3-Point contact to keep the pack in place when traversing varied terrain (city stairs/hills included) and allows the pack to be removed when resting for lunch. The fit is extremely important, the pack needs to ride as close to the base of the neck as possible. This puts the weight over the shoulders (strongest part of the body).

Can you fit my dog for a pack? Of course! We actually prefer to make sure the fit is correct. And we've been known to enjoy doggie slobbers from time to time too. Simply give us a call to ask us questions or schedule a fitting. You can also check out our website's “Events” page to see what local events we will be attending and meet us there.