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Skijoring / Urban Mushing.

"What is skijoring?" Basically, it's the combination of cross-country skiing and dog-sledding (without the sled). Skijoring is a fun and exciting outdoor activity that you and your dog(s) can enjoy all winter. Are you interested in learning more? Check out the book section for information on a book with everything you'll need to know before you skijor. All of the skijor equipment we sell comes in a variety of colors.

Don't have snow? No problem, you can modify this sport to an ever increasing popular sport called "Urban Mushing" - replace the ski's with a bike or scooter and you now have "Urban Mushing."

A heavy-duty 4" wide adjustable belt with steel D-rings, and neoprene padding. Black only.

Human Skijor Harness

Human Skijoring Harness

A heavy-duty 4" wide adjustable harness. Includes leg straps (also adjustable), steel D-rings, and neoprene padding. Black only.

Multi-dog Skijor Kit

Multi-Dog Skijor Kit
Want to skijor with more than one dog? This kit will get you going. It includes a 40" tug line for one additional dog, plus a neck line to keep your dogs together while cruising through the snow.

Tug line is constructed using an 8mm poly rope. Both Tug line and Neck line utilize strong bronze snap bolts. BLACK ONLY

Skijoring Harness - X-Back     

X-Back Skijoring Harness

Strong x-back harness with polar fleece padding that can be used for mushing and skijoring.

Dog Boots

All FidoBoots™ dog booties come in sets of four and utilize Velcro® closures. Boot should fit securely below the carpel pad on your dog's leg. Tighten Velcro® snugly and check boots after you have walked a bit to make sure they are very secure.

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