skijoring -

"Skijoring" A year round dog powered sport!

Urban mushingSkijoring is a fun and rewarding dog powered sport. The literal translation is “ski-behind” and is believed to have started with Reindeer in Scandinavia as a way for people to travel during winter months.  There are many forms of “joring” to choose from, all involve being pulled by an animal, in this case your dog(s). Three examples most popular for WA residents are Skijoring (skiing behind), Bikejoring (biking behind), & Scooterjoring (scootering behind). Another fourth variation of this is Canicross (running/jogging behind).

Mascot girl Sadie participates mostly in “Bikejoring.” She wouldn't care which version of the “joring” sports she did. All she needs to see is her X-Back harness being placed in the truck for her to KNOW and get excited. This is the most rewarding part, seeing Mrs. Sadie get as excited as a little kid.

Many people will ask us how long it takes to train their four legged friend to pull them. Honestly it depends on how often you take your dog(s) out and sometimes the personality of each dog. We do caution to keep the first few sessions short and ALWAYS stop on a positive note, even if that means it was a “small step” for your furry friend. It works well to go with others who have been doing it a while, they offer a wealth of knowledge, positive encouragement for both you and your pup(s), and the added benefit of your dog(s) learning from other dogs. Most dogs pick up the sport very quickly in the first few sessions and before too long they’ll learn the “harness” means “fun run” and show you their love for it with childlike enthusiasm.

It really is personal preference as to which form to take up with Fido. We basically suggest you use what you got. If you have a bike, use it.  If Roller blades or Skateboards are more your style, then start there. We can help you get started whichever your choice.

Feel free to call and ask about our LOCALLY MADE “Joring” gear at 1.877.Fidogear Remember, if we measure your pups harness for you, we guarantee the fit.