Sight Hound Collar w/ built in lead - 2" Wide

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For all breeds that want to look beautiful while at shows or neighborhood walks. Strong nylon collar with fleece padding and beautiful jacquard ribbon. This collar has a built-in 5' lead, for a secure hold. The Fleece padding works well at protecting the coat from breakage, while adding additional comfort on the neck and throat. This collar is available in a variety of webbing colors and ribbons. Especially great for breeds that have thin skin or soft tracheae.


~ MOST IMPORTANT: Measure Top of Neck (behind ears) and base of neck.  Supply this measurement in the "Notes" section.

~ ALWAYS measure your dogs NECK, right behind the ears (not an existing collar). Then choose the collar size that is 1" smaller than your dogs neck measurement .

~ For reference, lets say your measurement = 13" (Simply choose a 12" collar)

Ribbon Widths: Ribbon width range from the narrowest being 1/2" to the widest being 1".

ATTENTION: Due to the increased popularity of our Sight Hound Collars and the fact that they are "Made to order" (meaning: we get your size and ribbon choice and make it specifically for your companion) we have had to extend our production times on all Sight Hound Collars to 4-6 weeks. We appreciate your patience during this busy time and feel free to call us directly if you need a collar by a particular deadline. We'll do our best to accommodate your needs.
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